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Antigravity Battery Tracker

Antigravity Battery Tracker

Easily monitor your battery voltage when staring the car and charging via alternator


Finally there is a blue tooth device installed on the battery that will report how the battery is doing when the car starts or is being discharged under loads! The Antigravity brand battery tracker is available in lead acid (agm) and lithium ion models.

  1. Download the Battery Tracker App from you app store. I phone and Android friendly
  2. Get real-time data on battery voltage under load and when receiving charge
  3. Detect phantom loads draining battery
  4. Receive alerts that battery has reached a dangerous low level of charge
  5. App will store up to 31 days of history

How Does the Tracker Help Me Save Money?

The Antigravity Battery Tracker will alert you via phone when within 30 ft range of the device if your battery has reached a low state of charge. Note batteries never die, they are always murdered. Know before the battery is toast!

Reduce Your Battery Anxiety

Running off road and far from resources requires trust in your battery.
Know before you go. Know battery health when running stereo. Bluetooth range is 30 ft.

Tracker Performs Voltage Test

Get Real-time and 31 day data of battery voltage over 5 min span.
The Antigravity Battery Tracker reports general battery status as "Ok" "Charging" "Low Charge" with color indicator lights.

Cranking Test

Tracker app automatically logs every start of your vehicle. Via your Iphone/android device, you can see if your battery holding voltage when starting. An aging battery will drop below 10 volts under start.  An undersized battery will also drop below 10 volts.

Battery Charging Test

Two step battery charging test with the Tracker.