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Victron Wiring Unlimited Open Book Quiz

Victron Wiring Unlimited Open Book Quiz

Open Book Victron Quiz from Victron Wiring Unlimited

  1. True or False : Wiring issues are often a cause of system problems or they can lend to under performance of a system

  2. What is ohms law?
    A. P=IxV 
    B. W=VxA
    C I=P/V
    D. All

  3. Circle any examples of a conductor:
    A. Wire
    B. Fuse
    C. Shunt
    D. On/Off Switch
    E. All

  4. Which of the following is not true?
    A. When the resistance is low, many electrons move and the current is high
    B. When the resistance is higher, less electrons move and the current is high
    C. When the resistance is very high, no electrons move a all and the current has stopped
    D. Resistance is measured in Amps “amperes”

  5. What determines how much current runs through a conductor?
    A. Temp
    B. Resistance
    C. Wire gauge
    D All the above

  6. The symbol P = power and is also?
    A. Amps
    B. Watts
    C. Current
    D. None of the above

  7. Answer the customers question. Customer has a 24V system connected to a 2400 watt load, how much current is running through the cable?
    A. 75A
    B. 100A
    C. 200A

  8. Same question as above but this customer has a 48V system with a 2400 watt load. How much current is running through the conductor?
    A. 300A
    B. 200A
    C. 75A
    D. 50A

  9. Circle the factors that determine cable (conductor) resistance
    A. length of cable
    B. Diameter of cable
    C. Electrical resistance of material used in cable
    D. All
    E. A&B

  10. Both cable ________ and cable ________ have a big impact on cable resistance (pg8)

  11. Definition of cable losses:
    A. Power lost in the form of heat
    B. Welding cable vs automotive cable
    C. Splicing two cables together

  12. Real world example of troubleshooting. A 2400W inverter connected to a 12V battery with 1.5 meter long cables ( 4 ft 11 inch) 6 AWG cables. Each cable has a voltage drop of 0.32V.  It is calculated that the inverter will now only get 11.36V 
    True or False

  13. What % if voltage drop is allowed?
    A. 1%
    B. 3.5%
    C. 2.5%
    D. 1.75%

  14. Adding a shunt to a system increases resistance True of False

  15. Dirty of corroded contacts ie lug to battery terminal increases resistance
    True or False

  16. Voltage Drop increases as current (the load) increases? True or False

  17. Due to an inferior lug crimp in a battery/inverter system, the customers system has significant voltage drop when the inverter is at max load. Could you measure the voltage drop with a multimeter set to AC mode and probing and measuring across the inverters 
    DC connections?
    Yes or No

  18. To fix a DC ripple in a system, which of the following is NOT a recommended process?
    A. Reduce long battery cables
    B. Check for bad/old or too small batteries
    C. Replace the inverter

  19. Fill in the blank:
    If a large battery blank is needed, we do not recommend the customer to construct the battery bank out of numerous series/parallel 12V lead acid batteries. The reasoning is with a large battery bank like this, it becomes tricky to create a

  20. Cable resistance is important when wiring battery banks. True or False

  21. Current will always choose a path of least resistance. True or False

  22. What is the Victron part number for a battery monitor? ____________

  23. Can a single Victron battery balancer be used in a 48V system with four 12V batteries in series? Yes or No

  24. A fuse is an electrical safety device. It protects an electrical circuit from __________ 
  25. Should a fuse be placed in a negative or positive cable?

  26. A 12V 3000 watt inverter is connected to a battery bank. A shunt is desired to measure current current in and out of the battery. The 12V 3000 watt inverter has a peak current of 6000 watts. Using ohms law, what amperage should the shunt be rated?
    Answer ___________


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