UNO 48V 90Ah Lithium Ion Golf Cart Battery, Charger and Install Kit

10 Year Warranty – Designed for Golf Carts and Energy Storage.

100% USA Made in Idaho with a 10 Year Warranty.

4.8 kWh 90Ah Capacity Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Kit

This single LFP battery is the same dimensions as a single 6v battery and can fit in EZGO, Club Car, Icon and Yamaha golf cart battery compartments
Built in Bluetooth Battery Fuel Gauge via UNO App

The UNO battery kit comes with a charger, monitor and hold down hardware

90Ah 48V Lithium Ion battery that can support up to 600 amp bursts and 100 amps of constant output.

A single UNO pack will totally replace a lead acid system and only weighs 48 lbs vs lead acid’s 372 lbs, and has a 30 mile driving range,

UNO Lithium Battery Kit* Price $2899 For Install add $250 (but UNO is DIY friendly)

UNO golf cart lithium battery for EZGO, YAMAHA

UNO golf cart battery kit for sale san diego

UNO golf cart battery app

UNO Lithium Golf Cart Battery for Sale

Battery Kit Includes

  • Battery Fuel Gauge
  • All Connection Cables
  • 48V 15A Lithium battery charger

Install and delivery available