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Ford Think Repair San Diego
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The Ford Think Car will consume batteries quickly if the batteries are not fully charged frequently.  The factory on-board charger is not designed to maintain batteries. The charger will complete a full charge cycle and turn off (but still may make a humming sound)
The batteries are quickly discharged by the car and can lose as much as 15% charge within 4-5 day depending on ambient temperature.
Ford Think Repair San Diego Tips:

  • Only use dedicated outlets to charge the vehicle (do not share outlet with other appliances)
    Use thick, construction grade extension cord as short as possible

Ford Think Repairthink_car_repair

Contact Lalo 760-270-1521 for Ford Think Repair – Charger – Battery Related Problems in San Diego –
Lalo is a resource for replacement parts and tech support.

If you need to replace the Ford Think Cluster:
Contact Scott at Electrons in Motion in Lodi CA is a Ford Think Expert and can provide replacement Think Cluster
Electrons in Motion Contact Scott (209) 334-2099 or email Scott at Scott@eim-llc  if you have any questions

Replacement on board Think Car Chargers – 72 V Gel batteries

  • Deka Gel Battery for Ford Think 8G31 & Leoch LPG12-100 Gel Deep Cycle Batteries
  • Delta Q Charger configured for Think
  • GE Controller Repair or Upgrade
  • Think Car Cluster Issues – Repair and Replacement
  • Think Car Brakes

The Ford Think Car is a rear wheel drive, 72 volt electric vehicle also called low speed vehicle.  Only produced by Ford in 2002. the factory powered the 72 volt car with six 12 volt deep cycle GEL batteries.  The charger on board is configured for charging only GEL batteries. If AGM or Flooded style batteries are installed, they will not be charged correctly.  GEL batteries have a specific charging algorithm that is different from AGM and Flooded.


Ford Think Repair San Diego East Penn Deka p/n 8G31 always in stock at Deep Cycle Battery San Diego