Golf Cart Battery Charger

Battery Chargers for 36 Volt Golf Carts and 48 Volt Golf Carts in Stock.

The Quick Charge Brand Golf Cart Battery Charger Has Reliable Transformer Based Design and Can Charge All Battery Types: Flooded, AGM & Lithium

This Smart Golf Cart Battery Charger Turns on at 2 Volts

  • Tri Color LED Monitors Battery Charge Progress
  • 3 Year Warranty and Made in the USA
  • Battery Fully Charged at All Times!

When Selecting a Golf Cart Charger You Need to Find Two Things = Your Golf Cart Voltage and Find Your Golf Cart Charger Plug Shape 

Golf Cart Battery Charger 36 Volt and 48 Volt Battery Chargers

QP3620 36 Volt 20 Amp Golf Cart Charger Price  $350 ea

Golf Cart Battery Charger

QP4815 48 Volt 15 Amp Golf Cart Charger Price $350 ea


Golf Cart Battery Charger


  • Under the seat, Six 6 volt batteries equals 36 volt golf cart
  • Eight 6 volt batteries equals 48 volt golf cart
  • Six 8 volt batteries equals 48 volt golf cart
  • Four 12 volt batteries equals 48 volt golf cart
    Battery Tip: count number of cells or holes per battery then multiply by two equals the battery voltage

Golf Cart Charger Plug

36 Volt Charger

48 Volt Charger

Golf Cart Battery Charger EZGO

D Shaped

EZ-GO 36 Volt Carts N/A
Golf Cart Battery Charger Crow Foot


 Club Car – Yamaha –
EZ-GO 36 Volt Carts
Golf Cart Battery Charger Club Car

Club Car 3 Pin

 N/A Club Car  48 Volt  Carts


 N/A EZ-GO RXV  48 Volt  Carts

Yamaha 2 Pin

 N/A Yamaha 2 Pin
48 Volt  Carts

Notched EZ-GO Plug

 N/A EZ-GO 48 Volt
(only EZ-GO TXT/Shuttle)
 On Board Chargers36 Volt Wire Directly 48 Volt Wire Directly

Golf Cart Battery Charger San Diego On Board Chargers Travel with the Cart 

On Board Golf Cart Battery Charger Prices:

OB4815 48 Volt 15 Amp Charger Price $350 ea

OB4825 48 Volt 25 Amp Charger Price $450 ea

OB3625 36 Volt 25 Amp Charger Price  $450 ea

Golf Course Grade Golf Cart Battery Charger Can Make Batteries Last Longer

Golf cart batteries are wired in series and when you plug in the golf cart charger, all the batteries are charged at the same time.  Note, if you let the golf cart sit off charge for a period of time the batteries become low in charge and traditional golf cart chargers like the Delta Q, will not kick on.
The Quick Charge is not a delicate electronic charger like the Delta Q and can turn on with as little as 2 volts.
Well made 6 volt golf cart batteries are typically rated at 200 amp hours or more at 20 HR rate and require a charging amperage or 15 amps or more.  DO NOT USE the cheap chargers sold on Amazon if you want your batteries to last.
Costco brand golf cart batteries are low end and rated around 170 amp hours and can be charged with  golf cart chargers with 12 amps, etc.

A 48 volt golf cart battery charger will charge six 8 volt batteries or four 12 volt batteries all at the same time.