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Mobile GEM Car Repair San Diego

Mobile Gem Car Repair San DiegoMobile GEM Car Repair San Diego
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Call our mobile GEM mechanic Benito to schedule an appointment to service  your GEM Car at your place.
Benito will come to you with all the tools necessary to diagnose and repair your GEM Car. Few know more about the Gem Car than Benito. Save money using mobile gem car repair vs spending money and time having your Gem Car brought to a service center.

Coronado GEM Car Repair  – Pacific Beach GEM Car Repair – San Clemente Gem Car Repair

  • Authorized Delta Q Charger Supplier for GEM Car
  • Delta Q Charger Repair or Replacement for GEM Car
  • GE Controller Repair or Upgrade $200
  • GEM Car Electrical Issues
  • Brake Service and replacement brake pads for GEM Car
  • Front Brake Disc System Upgrade
  • Custom Stereo Installation for GEM Car
  • Gem Car Upholstery
  • Gem Car Painting
  • Gem Car Suspension Service
  • Tire Service
  • GEM Car Battery Installation
  • GEM Car Charger Reprogramming $140

Benito also has stock on new GEM Car brake pads, components and Delta Q chargers
Call or Text Benito for Mobile GEM Car Repair San Diego and Delta Q Charger Charger Technician (619) 318-6132

How To Charge GEM Car Batteries (click here)

GEM Car Battery Wiring Diagram

GEM Car Battery Wiring Diagram

The 72 V

Call or Text Benito directly at (619) 318-6132


Mobile GEM Car Repair and Electrical Repair




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