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Rolls Surrette is one of North America’s leading lead-acid battery manufacturers. Rolls Battery strength is in deep cycle battery applications where depth of cycle and long service life is important. Rolls Surrette batteries are manufactured using improved construction techniques in battery plate, plate insulation, and battery case construction. To maximize capacity per size, Rolls Surrette batteries use open cell, flooded plate technology. RES uses these batteries in their system designs to provide users with high-performance, low-maintenance systems. RES maintains a large inventory of deep cycle batteries at the Anchorage facility, reducing lead time and shipping costs.

Established in 1935 in Salem Massachusetts, The Rolls Surrette Battery Company has been a trusted name in deep cycle batteries for well over 50 years. Rolls relocated to Springhill, Nova Scotia Canada in 1959 where it is the nation’s only remaining independent battery manufacturer. Their unparalleled quality and workmanship have earned them a solid reputation in the battery industry, as one of the most reliable batteries on the market. These batteries are known for their high cycle life, featuring A) the thickest plates in the industry B) a large liquid reserve, and C) a durable double-wall construction. Rolls Surrette stands behind their batteries with some of the longest warranties in the industry -up to 10 years on certain models. The average life expectancy for these batteries is known to be in the 15 to 20 year range. 

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New Rolls-Surrette Brand Deep Cycle L-16 Battery for Sale in San Diego


375 amp hour Rolls Battery S-480 6 Volt Deep Cycle Battery for Solar and Renewable Energy

Rolls L16 Battery S-480Free Delivery of L16 Click here for Spec PDF

S-480 Rolls Battery Price for 6 Volt L-16 Battery: $345 ea* with exchange (core charge of $25)


428 amp hour Rolls Battery S-550 6 Volt Deep Cycle Battery for Solar and Renewable Energy

Rolls L16 Battery for Sale San DiegoFree Delivery of L16 Click here for Spec PDF
S-550 Rolls Battery Price for 6 Volt L-16 Battery: $365 ea* with exchange (core charge of $25)

Rolls Battery for Sale San Diego