RV Gas Engine Battery

How to Choose an Affordable RV Gas Engine Battery

Engine cranking requires lots of power in a short burst. A battery with more surface area on the lead plates inside it delivers more fast power than one with less plate surface. For this reason, cranking batteries are made with thinner, more numerous lead plates. When the engine is running, the battery is quickly replenished by the alternator.  To prevent engine starter damage, select the battery specified by your vehicles manufacture.

Your RV Gas Engine Battery’s Purpose
The Starting and Charging System in your vehicle starts the engine, maintains the battery’s charge and provides power to the electrical accessories while engine is running. If the alternator is not functioning, even a new battery will quickly die.

Cold Cranking Amperage or CCA – What does CCA mean to me for choosing a battery for my vehicle?
CCA is the maximum amperes that can be continuously  removed from a battery for 30 seconds at zero degrees F before its voltage drops to unusable level.  Example, a 550 CCA battery can supply 550 amperes for 30 sec at zero F. Note CCA is not the same as CA or MCA.
What does Reserve Capacity (RC) mean?
Reserve capacity is the number of minutes a battery can maintain a useful voltage under a 25 amp discharge or load.
The higher the battery’s RC number, the greater the battery’s ability to run lights, pumps, inverters, etc before recharging.

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RV Gas Engine BatteryRV Gas Engine Battery

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RV Gas Engine Battery